50 Best Women Golfers of All Time

 Golf is a classy game played from a very early time in human history. The earliest recorded golf match was in the 13th century. But it was not until we were well into the 16th century that a woman entered the golf course to play.

Golf museums around the world preserve the history of world and point to the fact that it was, in fact, a Queen of Scotland who played golf in 1552. Now, there are quite a number of female golf players ruling the golf course. Out of these women, we have picked the top 50 and listed them below.

50 Best Women Golfers of All Time

  1. Annika Sorenstam


Sorenstam is no doubt at the top of the game. She has a whopping 72 LPGA victories.

  1. Mickey Wright


Wright  is a major player with 82 wins and has 13 major wins.

  1. Kathy Witworth


Witworth won a total of 88 games.

  1. Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Zacharias is another top player and consistently won games even in mix tours.

  1. Nancy Lopez

Lopez won 48 times, and has three majors tour games.

  1. JoAnne Carner

Carner has 43 tour wins and 7 major championships.

  1. Karrie Webb

Webb has 41 LPGA wins, and 7 major wins.

  1. Patty Berg

Berg has 60 LPGA wins in her career.

  1. Betsy King

King started winning consistently every year after her initial spell of no win ended.

  1. Louise Suggs

Suggs bagged 58 games and 11 major championships.

  1. Pat Bradley

Bradley has 30 wins in her pocket.

  1. Patty Sheehan

Sheehan has 35 Tour wins and 6 majors.

  1. Juli Inkster

Inkster has 31 wins in total.

  1. Betsy Rawls

Rawls has 55 LPGA Tour wins.

  1. Sandra Haynie

Haynie has 42 Tour wins and four majors.

  1. Amy Alcott

Alcott has 29 Tour wins, 5 majors.

  1. Beth Daniel

Daniel has 33 LPGA Tour victories.

  1. Carol Mann

Mann has 38 LPGA Tour wins, and 2 majors.

  1. Se Ri Pak

Se Ri Pak has 25 LPGA wins, 5 majors.

  1. Judy Rankin

Rankin played top game even when she suffered from chronic back pain.

  1. Joyce Wethered

Wethered is ranked as one of the all-time best with a driver.

  1. Lorena Ochoa

Ochoa won 27 Tour games.

  1. Laura Davies

Davies has 20 LPGA wins and four majors.

  1. Dottie Pepper

Pepper has 17 wins in her career.

  1. Meg Mallon

Mallon won 18 games and four majors.

  1. Donna Caponi

Caponi won a total of 24 games and played very well.

  1. Hollis Stacy

Stacy won a total of 18 games and played on the edge.

  1. Jane Blalock

Blalock has the most number of game wins without a major, the total is 27 wins.

  1. Sandra Palmer

Palmer was the Player of the Year in 1975 and has 19 wins.

  1. Jan Stephenson

Stephenson played consistently and won 16 games.

  1. Sally Little

Little won many games staring from the age of 14, before her career ended because of injury.

  1. Susie Berning

Berning won 11 major championships including 3 U.S. Women’s Open games.

  1. Ayako Okamoto

Okamoto played a good game and won 17 victories.

  1. Glenna Collett Vare

Vare was often called the female ‘Bobby Jones’ in her time.

  1. Marlene Hagge

Hagge has a whopping 26 tour wins. She was a cofounder of the LPGA tour.

  1. Marilynn Smith

Smith not only played great golf, but also helped promote golf.

  1. Yani Tseng

Tseng was just 22 years old when she won the LPGA championship in 2011.

  1. Inbee Park

Park is a great golfer rising fast through the ranks.

  1. Cristie Kerr

Kerr won 18 LPGA tour games, two major championships.

  1. Betty Jameson

Jameson the first woman golfer to score under 300 in a 72-hole game and won the U.S. Women’s Open.

  1. Chako Higuchi

Higuchi is a star golfer from Japan, who also played at times in the United States.

  1. Jiyai Shin

Shin won a whopping 10 LPGA games and two major championships even before she turned 25 years old.

  1. Stacy Lewis

Lewis is a consistent player with her first win in 2011. After that, there is no turning back for her.

  1. Suzann Pettersen

Pettersen has as many as 13 wins in the LPGA tour games. She is a very consistent player.

  1. Shirley Englehorn

Englehorn won 11 games before ending her career at 30, because of a major injury.

  1. Rosie Jones

Jones was one of the most consistent golfer ever in the field. In the seasons between 1999 and 2003, she was in her top form in the game.

  1. Dorothy Campbell

Campbell was the first golfer to win the U.S Women’s Amateur. That game was as early as in 1909.

  1. Liselotte Neumann

Neumann won the 1988 U.S Women’s Open and became the LPGA rookie of the year. She is a Swede and golfers from Sweden have flooded the golf scene because of her start.

  1. Beverly Hanson

Hanson won the U.S Women’s Amateur in 1950. She had 17 career wins and 3 of them were major championships.

  1. Jane Geddes

In 1987 season, Geddes won five times, finished second in four games and won a major championship.


Golf has seen a good number of women players over the years who really excel at the game. And we welcome even more women to join the golf scene and have fun!

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