On par fours and fives many golfers simply pull out the driver – but that’s not always the best course management strategy. In situation like this, the new GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS rangefinder is the ideal piece of equipment to get you focused on playing the hole perfectly.

Because it features a superb TFT touch screen and Direct Overhead Imaged hole layouts, simply touching the screen at any point on the display give you exact distances to that point – and, crucially, the yardage reading form that point for your next shot.

And this is brilliant inovation from GolfBuddy that will definitely get you playing smarter golf, arccording to European Touch coach Denis Pugh.

“Many golfers now use GPS rangefinders to get precise distances to hazards – and to carry them – but better course management isn’t just about missing trouble. Living yourself a second shot that you’re comfortable with is equally important and the TouchPoint measurement system allows you to instantly plan a route down the hole”

The World Platinum is GolfBuddy most advanced best golf gps, with a massive 40,000 course memory and completely free access to its database of course maps – there are no annual subscription charge of course download fees – while courses from around the world come preloaded with every unit.

And because GolfBuddy map course on foot, their ground verified reading combined with a powerful 50 chanel satellite reception gives unprecedented accuracy to any point on the hole.

You can even position the flag anywhere on the green via the touchscreen using the Touch “N” Move flag function, so distances to the front and back of the green – and directly to the pin – are always accurate directly from your angle of approach.

For Denis, who has coached some of the most famous names on the European Tour, this makes GolfBuddy World Platinum his number one choice and for beginner’s tip for buying.

“Accuracy matter in golf whoever you are Tour pros will always trust their caddy – now amateur golfer without the luxury of a Caddy can trust their GolfBuddy”.

Inside the GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS :

Just Some of the incredible features availble to you :

Game Stats Analysis :



Record your scores and playing statistics – including green and fairways in regulation, putts per hole, sand saves.

Touchscreen and Overhead layouts :


The Golfbuddy World Platinum can display full hole layouts, with distances to any point shown by touching the screen.

40,000 Course Memory :

Hold the world’s courses in the palm of your hand. World Platinum is preloaded with worldwide courses from a 27,500 course library, all free of charge.

Dynamic Green Approach :


Always get yardages to the front and back of the green – and to the pin – directly from angle of approach.

Stableford Scoring :


Input the handicap for four players and the course stroke indexes and the World Platinum will automatically work out your Stableford Points.

Touchpoint Technology :


Zoom into any section of the hole by touching the screen – or move the flag to any position on the green with your fingertip.

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