Do You Really Want to Become A Golf Membership

Golf has considered as one exclusive game for a long time, which is mainly for rich men who have a lot of pleasure time. However, this game has grown in popularity and more people access it in recent time. To clarify, more and more club has appeared with everyday pay-to-play choices. In addition, most of them have cut down on the fee of membership in order that they can attract more players and maintain steady income.
In the case, you are interested in playing this game and you have chosen to pay fee whenever you go to club and play, you will realize that it is a good idea to become a membership because it will help you save a lot of your money. However, before becoming a member of any golf club, you should consider some factors carefully. First of all, you should check if this club is near your home or not. Secondly, the good amenities for you are also one of thing you should think of. In addition to these, you have to make sure that the skill level of other membership in your group should be suitable with you. Finally, the fee should be fit your budget.

1/ Kinds of Clubs

There are two kinds of golf clubs, which are semi-private and private ones.  When taking part in the second type, you are allowed to use the amenities and course even though they only allow you to enjoy a certain items every year.  On the other hand, the first type will allow any people to play in they pay a fee each day.  However, the golf membership has opportunity to attend some big events, leagues and tournaments.

2/ Kinds of Golf Club’s Membership

  • Member as individual
Member will be not limited to access to the golf course and use any amenities and of course, they have to pay an additional fee if they want to use the pool.
  • Member as family
All of your family member can access the golf course. However, each person of your family will be required for a small additional fee.
  • Member as corporate
It is similar to second type of membership. It means that any employee of your company can enjoy the amenities and pay golf in the club.
You will be pleasantly surprised that you will get some discounts at the weekend or if you are junior members.

3/ Additional Fees

Before becoming a golf member of any club, you should make sure to check any fees you will have to pay when you take part in it. You should be aware that you would have to pay a certain fee for almost clubs to become their member. After that, they will require you to pay the dues each year but your activities are not covered.  For example, in the case, you use the clocker room, caddie, a golf cart; you have to pay more fees for them.  However, some people do not have to pay for them.

4/ Advantages When Becoming A Member

The social aspect is the first benefits you can get when you are a member of a golf club. You will have opportunity to play with people who share the hobby with you and your teacher with help you to develop your skills of playing this game. However, you should remember that you couldn’t give up the club whenever you want. You will have to pay the dues until there is another new member. Therefore, think carefully before making up your mind of becoming a golf membership.

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