Royalty has meddled with this sport and royalty have accepted defeat in the face of the intrigue of it. In the 15th century, James II, the Scottish monarch, laid an embargo on this much too popular sport so that it wouldn’t rival archery, a military training sport.  But James IV fell for the charms of this game himself and lifted the ban because, well, the king shall do according to his will. But he wasn’t the only casualty to the beguiling hold of golf. As time sped through centuries, the game played a killer pitch-and-run toward a loyal fan base.

A total workout:

Golf is for complete athletes. Golfers are people who can sync their body and thoughts into a single being. We have many a baseball, basketball or cricket aficionados who would argue that golf is not so much a sport
as theirs.But then, they fail to take into account the infallible acumen required by a golfer to pull off a Pulled slice or ingenuity of shaping a shot to follow your mind rather than just the aim.

It’s a science, it’s an art:

Golf is a game of mind and body. But more importantly, it’s a game of control and precision. In other games, a sudden burst of energy would, most probably, lead to a positive outcome. But with golf, it’s the art of restraining your movements, knowing how much energy to expend to launch a Punch shot. It’s the science of visualizing the trajectory of the ball, way before the golf clubs hits it, of perfecting the pace of that swing. It appeals to the connoisseurs of subtlety, those who can deduce the complexities behind a seemingly casual flick of the club.

The nobility’s game:


The etiquettes of the sport demand that the player be well-behaved, well-dressed and in control of his or her emotions because one more angry swing can cost you the satisfaction of making that Eagle. Like fine wine, these skills develop over time for most people.

From 8 to 80 year olds:


Be it a player of 8 or 80, they have something going for them in a round of golf. For the young ones, it’s the gift of good physical faculties. For the older ones, it’s the skill of restraint and an experienced grip on the mechanics of putting stroke. At 8 or 80 you can pick up a birdie and be proud of it.

Time on our hands: 

During the play, golf gives you plenty of opportunity to get to know your posse of fellow golfers. Marriages may be made in heaven, but quite a lot of friendships kick start in the unperturbed serenity of a golf course.

Compete with me, moi, myself:

Besting yourself is a major luxury allowed by this game.  Golf, as a solo sport, is the bailout from the shenanigans of your routine life and a chance to introspect and challenge yourself.

Set aside all these reasons and one look at the idyllic Kauai Lagoons Golf Club, Hawaii or the stunning Bay Harbor Golf Club, Michigan is enough reason to step up and start playing this elite game. Cricket may be the gentleman’s sport and football may be the people’s game, but only golf can claim the spot of nobility amongst sports.

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